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RPL elevator assembly Service

Whether elevator assembly or disassembly,
Modernisation, or gutting Sondergerüstbau.
With years of experience in the area elevators
You have the right partner to safety, quality and flexibility
For construction projects to ensure.

Our services at a glance

Elevator Equipment
Assembly and dismantling of elevators in residential buildings
Construction &. Modernization of loads and passenger lifts
Dismantling of Elevator Equipment.

Special scaffolding
Working under scaffolding BGR 175 (4420)
Delivery and installation of scaffolding equipment and accessories

Building renovation
complete construction, including residential houses

Proof of disposal

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RPL elevator assembly Service
Rene Plexnies
Steindamm 57
D-39114 Magdeburg/Germany

Tel.: 0049 391 8195650
Fax: 0049 391 8117302
Mobil: 0049 172-3001583
eMail: info@rpl-aufzugsanlagen.de

UStrN: 102/257/00775
DE: 139282918

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